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How dry is it?

The National Weather Service office in Amarillo is going to conduct a press conference Thursday. What’s the news? Well, it’s dry out there. We’re in a drought and we’re the driest we’ve been since the bad old days of the Dust Bowl. An NWS press release notes that conditions during the past 43 months are […]

We’re getting a taste of the Dust Bowl

Here’s a flash for you: Panhandle residents from Perryton to Plainview have been talking about the weather the past few days. OK, you knew that already. You likely already also know that some of the long-time residents of the region are talking about how the weather of late kinda-sorta resembles a long-ago event. The Dust […]

If only they knew back then

If only the nation had celebrated Earth Day back in, say, 1933. There just might have been enough of an awareness of the damage that improper plowing can do to the ecosystem. But they didn’t commemorate such things way back then. Food producers just, um, plowed ahead. Fast-forward about 80 years and we’ve been celebrating […]

‘Dust Bowl’ better second time around

I watched “The Dust Bowl” re-run Sunday night and made a startling discovery. It’s more interesting to me the second time around. I cannot at this moment quite grasp why that’s so, but listening once again to the tales of horror, heartache and hardship punched me in the gut in a manner I didn’t quite […]

‘Dust Bowl’ to be revisited

It could be argued that few public television broadcasts have sparked Texas Panhandle conversation quite like the one that told the story of a great American tragedy, known as the Dust Bowl. Well, for those who might have missed the first airing of the documentary, they’ll get a second chance on March 10 and 11, […]

PBS filmmaker scores important victory

Ken Burns is no stranger to Texas Panhandle viewers of public television. Indeed, we’ll be treated to an encore presentation soon of his two-part series, “The Dust Bowl,” which will be rebroadcast on KACV-TV. Thus, those who appreciate his work should applaud a recent ruling by a federal judge against New York City officials who […]

Hitting close to home

Reliving painful times can produce a┬ásense of pride. Consider the highly acclaimed documentary, “The Dust Bowl,” which aired on KACV-TV on Nov. 18-19. It was directed by famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and it tells a story that thousands of our region’s residents know all too well. The four-hour documentary dissects the greatest manmade ecological […]