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This one could be decisive

It’s been said that vice-presidential debates don’t determine the outcome of presidential elections. Tonight’s face-off between Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan — the Democratic and Republican nominees, respectively, for vice president — might be different. The debate occurs tonight at 8, and will air on KACV-TV. The venue for the debate […]

Election is over; take a breath and listen to the analysis

The interminable 2012 presidential campaign came to a dramatic end this week, with President Obama winning re-election over Mitt Romney in what many analysts are saying was a surprise finish. Why the surprise? Many folks were predicting a very late night Tuesday as the votes rolled in from across the land. Who would be up? […]

So, you may be asking: What’s at stake?

How long has this presidential campaigning been going? A year? Two? Has it seemed to be going on forever? It’s just about to conclude. The stakes in this election — as they are for every election — are huge. PBS has put together a collage of reports, which you can see online at, called […]

Election coverage down to the wire

One of the many wonderful aspects of public television is the absence of commercial advertising … and that includes political advertising. Instead of being bombarded with a steady barrage of broadcast ads — and with the message that “I’m Joe Politician and I approved this message” — public TV viewers get to assess for themselves all manner […]

Money talks … loudly

The term “Citizens United” means one of two things, depending on your political persuasion or point of view. It either symbolizes the unfettered expression of free speech or it is the symbol of crass political corruption. The landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision, which has come to be known simply as Citizens United, has unleashed a tidal […]

Hear young people’s voices

Do you think young people are disengaged from the American political system or the nation’s form of government? Do you bemoan a lack of civic awareness among our young folks? Are you worried about the nation’s future as it hands the important issues of the day off to those who are coming of age? All those […]

Now it’s a sprint to the finish

The debate series between Democratic President Barack Obama and former Republican Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is in the books. The foreign policy discussion — laced with some talking points from both men about domestic economic policy — was spirited and at times a bit confrontational. Now it’s time to weigh in. I hereby extend this invitation […]