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Ike stayed home at No. 10

The nation has paid a lot of attention during the past week to an event that occurred 70 years on the French coastline along the English Channel. We looked back at the D-Day, the Normandy invasion, which we’ve done every decade it seems since that fateful amphibious assault. PBS devoted lots of coverage to it, […]

These men saved the world

“OK. We’ll go.” U.S. Army Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower didn’t posses the gift of flowery rhetoric. Nor was he the type of officer to bark out orders in dramatic, fiery fashion. With that simple decision, the supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe gave the signal to launch the greatest and perhaps most decisive amphibious […]

Incredible bravery recalled on Frontline

Twenty-five years ago, a young man stood in defiance of hardline rulers and earned the unofficial title of Bravest Man in the World. He stood in front of a Chinese tank — yes, a tank — and stared down the barrel of a large turret gun while his comrades demonstrated in Tiananmen Square against the […]

Arianna: a most interesting woman

Tavis Smiley is host of a public affairs program that you can watch online at ┬áHe’s an interesting young man with a lot to say about a lot of things. He also pulls in some equally fascinating guests on his show. Smiley landed a good one recently when he interviewed Arianna Huffington about her […]

PBS to feature D-Day coverage

PBS has this way of blanketing viewers with information about our history. That’s what educational television is all about, yes? The week coming up is a big one for history buffs. Just as PBS took note of the 50th anniversary this past year of President Kennedy’s murder and of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have […]

NewsHour set to examine myriad issues

Gosh. Let me think. What do you suppose the PBS NewsHour will be covering Friday night? * The growing Veterans Administration health care scandal? Sure thing. * President Obama’s announcement of a significant drawdown of U.S. troops in Afghanistan? Roger that. * The president’s groundbreaking commencement speech to graduating Army officers at West Point, where […]

Frontline goes to the battlefield

You might want to prepare yourself for some intense documentary programming Tuesday night. Frontline is airing a new special, to be broadcast at 9 p.m. on Panhandle PBS, that examines two of the world’s hottest flashpoints. It’s called “Battle Zones: Ukraine & Syria,” and it goes inside the fights raging in those two shattered countries. […]