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Fifties were ‘dirty,’ too A 54-second video of Burl Buchanan of Spearman tells of a dirty time in the Texas Panhandle. It wasn’t the Dust Bowl as we’ve been hearing about for most of the past year. It occurred in the 1950s. Buchanan is another of the folks interviewed in Panhandle PBS’s ongoing series “Panhandle Stories,” which the […]

How about some more trees?

We love trees. We love them so much that some Panhandle residents became outraged when Texas transportation officials floated a plan a few years ago to cut many of them down along U.S. 60 because — according to the Texas Department of Transportation — the trees posed a traffic hazard. That idea wouldn’t fly with […]

Weather is a big part of living here

You know the saying about how folks “talk about the weather but no one ever does anything about it?” It’s a big deal in the Texas Panhandle. It runs very hot, very cold, very windy, very dusty … sometimes all on the same day. The¬†Panhandle Stories series takes viewers to various communities throughout the Panhandle […]