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Pulling for Fritch The article attached here comes from the Texas Tribune. It’s hard to read. It chronicles the struggle that our friends in Fritch are enduring as they continue to recover from the devastating wildfires that destroyed more than 200 homes. It wasn’t enough, apparently, that Fritch has been suffering along with the rest of West […]

Immigration splits Texas GOP

Those of us who are old enough to remember these things can recall when the Democratic Party was the fractious bunch and Republicans were seen as unified in thought and spirit. No more. The roles seem to be reversed. Perhaps nothing better describes the split among Republicans than the argument the GOP is having over […]

Texas faces huge new EPA challenge

Texas has entered the debate over carbon emissions in a major way, thanks to the federal government. Welcome aboard, Texas. The Environmental Protection Agency and President Obama have announced plans to require all power-producing plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 30 percent by 2030. Is Texas a major player? Well, do armadillos get smashed on […]

Next up: transportation worries

Texas is proud of its roads and highways. It has many hundreds of thousands of miles of them crisscrossing the huge state. They’re in bad shape. Not all of them, mind you. Many of them, though, need work. Texas is strapped for money to fix all the roads, highways and bridges. The federal government can […]

‘Fracking’ up next on Overheard

To frack or not to frack? OK, “frack” really isn’t a word. But “fracking” is and it’s become a hot topic of discussion around energy production board rooms, in environmental activists’ living rooms and in public policy hearing rooms around the country. Overheard with Evan Smith, the PBS program based out of Austin and hosted […]

Watch out for gators, Chet

I saw this promotional item for the next Daytripper episode and I couldn’t resist a personal remembrance. Chet Garner is taking Panhandle PBS viewers on a trip to Orange this week. The program is broadcast Thursday at 8:30 p.m. Garner will explore the waterways and swamps of a region that has no shortage of water. […]

How dry is it?

The National Weather Service office in Amarillo is going to conduct a press conference Thursday. What’s the news? Well, it’s dry out there. We’re in a drought and we’re the driest we’ve been since the bad old days of the Dust Bowl. An NWS press release notes that conditions during the past 43 months are […]