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Science meets adventurism

Science has a way of intersecting with other endeavors. Such as how the spirit of adventure drives someone to forgo one fruitful career to enter another one full of excitement and, yes, adventure. NOVA interviewed the late astronaut Sally Ride and asked the pioneer astronaut how she became a space traveler after spending a budding […]

A decade of war reviewed

The Internet provides many benefits — right along with many headaches. But hey, let’s stick with the benefits. One of them is that it makes available public affairs programming that is worth seeing over and over, if only to pick up things one misses when seeing it the first or second time. PBS’s documentary series […]

Texas vets getting help

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care scandal continues to ripple across the land. It has gotten the attention of governors everywhere. You can add Rick Perry of Texas to the list of governors who want to intercede on behalf of veterans. Here’s how the Texas Tribune reported the ongoing developments in the […]

‘The Roosevelts’ preview is set

Get ready for the preliminary to the main event. The prelim airs tonight at 7 on Panhandle PBS. It’s a preview to another landmark Ken Burns documentary set to air on public television later this year. It’s called “The Roosevelts”. It looks at three extraordinary American, all related to each other and all of them […]

Freedom became goal in summer of ’64

The American experience has been one of ups and downs, shining triumphs and dark defeats. That’s how it is when a republic tries to find its way into maturity. The summer of 1964 saw triumph and defeat hurtle headlong into each other. To the nation’s great benefit, triumph would win out. The nation’s experience is […]

Iraq … on the brink?

So, just how troubling is the Iraq crisis? Quite. Frontline’s coverage of the turmoil in the Middle East makes an important note. The battle for Syria has spilled across the border into Iraq. Indeed, the militants who have overrun Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, are tied directly to those who are fighting in the Syrian conflict […]

Outreach stymied by platform?

Political party platforms can be complicated things, or at least they can cause complications for candidates seeking public office. Candidates either can choose to ignore some or all of the planks in that platform, or they can embrace them tightly, shouting their virtues at every campaign stop along the way. Texas Republican candidates want to […]