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PBS’s Ifill earns high honor

Gwen Ifill had a distinguished career in print journalism before she made the move to television. First, it was to a commercial network, NBC, after she worked for the Baltimore Evening Sun, the Washington Post and the New York Times. Then Ifill made the leap to public television, joining the PBS NewsHour. She was named […]

NewsHour set to examine myriad issues

Gosh. Let me think. What do you suppose the PBS NewsHour will be covering Friday night? * The growing Veterans Administration health care scandal? Sure thing. * President Obama’s announcement of a significant drawdown of U.S. troops in Afghanistan? Roger that. * The president’s groundbreaking commencement speech to graduating Army officers at West Point, where […]

Huge week passes; another one looms just ahead

Well, that was some week in Washington, D.C. Just when you thought the nation might default on its debt obligations and part of the federal government would remain shuttered, two senior U.S. senators pulled a rabbit out of their hats to produce a deal that prevented both things from happening. The government reopened Thursday. President […]

Budget battle returns for another round

Have you heard the latest? President Obama and congressional Republicans are battling over budget matters. If you think you’ve heard this before, you’re not alone. We all have. Repeatedly. It never ends. How’s that saying go? Same song, different verse. So, what’s at stake? Plenty. The government might shut down. Then again, it might not. […]

Brooks, Shields play ‘Doubleheader’

Mark Shields and David Brooks love to joust on public television. They do so every Friday during the PBS NewsHour, which airs on KACV-TV at 6 p.m. But this week PBS is offering viewers something quite different from these two friends. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2013/06/mark-shields-and-david-brooks-answer-your-questions-during-doubleheader-live.html “Doubleheader Live” will air on KACV beginning at 4:15 p.m. and will allow […]

Public affairs TV brings great value

Listen up, Texas Panhandle residents. You’ve got a valuable resource within your grasp. It’s your TV remote. Turn it on, tune in to public television and learn something about the value of civics, government and, dare we say it, politics. Why issue this wakeup call? A Houston Chronicle editorial published June 7 caught my eye […]

Get it right … the first time

PBS NewsHour correspondent Gwen Ifill is a veteran journalist who’s worked for print as well as broadcast news organizations for many years. She toiled for the New York Times before moving to NBC News. Then she became one of the many voices of reliability for the Public Broadcasting Service. She can be seen weekly on […]