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Fifties were ‘dirty,’ too

http://video.kacvtv.org/video/2365262895/ A 54-second video of Burl Buchanan of Spearman tells of a dirty time in the Texas Panhandle. It wasn’t the Dust Bowl as we’ve been hearing about for most of the past year. It occurred in the 1950s. Buchanan is another of the folks interviewed in Panhandle PBS’s ongoing series “Panhandle Stories,” which the […]

PBS’s Ifill earns high honor

Gwen Ifill had a distinguished career in print journalism before she made the move to television. First, it was to a commercial network, NBC, after she worked for the Baltimore Evening Sun, the Washington Post and the New York Times. Then Ifill made the leap to public television, joining the PBS NewsHour. She was named […]

Central Park Five settle a big lawsuit

Perhaps you remember the story. A female jogger was mugged and raped late at night in New York City’s Central Park in 1989. The attack was as brutal as it gets. Police sought and then arrested five young men and charged them with deadly assault on the woman. The case involved serious racial overtones. The […]

‘The Roosevelts’ preview is set

Get ready for the preliminary to the main event. The prelim airs tonight at 7 on Panhandle PBS. It’s a preview to another landmark Ken Burns documentary set to air on public television later this year. It’s called “The Roosevelts”. It looks at three extraordinary American, all related to each other and all of them […]

Iraq … on the brink?

So, just how troubling is the Iraq crisis? Quite. Frontline’s coverage of the turmoil in the Middle East makes an important note. The battle for Syria has spilled across the border into Iraq. Indeed, the militants who have overrun Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, are tied directly to those who are fighting in the Syrian conflict […]

Outreach stymied by platform?

Political party platforms can be complicated things, or at least they can cause complications for candidates seeking public office. Candidates either can choose to ignore some or all of the planks in that platform, or they can embrace them tightly, shouting their virtues at every campaign stop along the way. Texas Republican candidates want to […]

Students, athletes or both?

Ed O’Bannon is suing the NCAA because, says the former college basketball star, the governing collegiate athletic body has short-changed athletes who are responsible for colleges and universities earning the kinds of revenue they earn. O’Bannon’s lawsuit has evolved into a class-action suit involving many former student-athletes — students who happen to be gifted at […]